Soul Awakening

Connect to your Light

Uncover your Truth

If you are the Star of your own Life, who are You?

If anything were possible for you,

What is truly Possible?

Is something getting in your Way?

How strong is your Connection to your

Truth, Passion & Purpose?

What needs to be Cleared?

Is it time to step into your Truth?

Are you ready to be Who you Are?

Wake Up Now


Liza Pullman

Liza is a facilitator of Soul Awakenings. She is able to truly “see” you as your essence and guide you to your Truth.  Certified as a Consulting Hypnotist and Transformation Life Coach and trained in Family Constellations, Internal Family Systems, Past Life Regression Therapy and Shamanic practices, she provides a safe and nurturing environment for you to explore your inner being, connect to your Light within, gain understanding of your way of being and find Joy and purpose in your daily life. Using modalities appropriate for your needs, Liza helps you to identify blocks, shadows, thoughts and stories that conceal your Truth and hinder your full expression. By listening with her full senses and facilitating appropriate activities, Liza is able to guide you towards truth, clarity, passion, purpose and Joy. Are you ready to be liberated? Are you ready to live fully with Joy and Purpose?



What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapists help ordinary, everyday people with ordinary, everyday problems using individual hypnotic techniques. It is a tool which enables clients to see more deeply into themselves. Given a new perspective, clients have the power to shift their way of being. Hypnotherapy is performed in a calm, therapeutic environment. The client is guided through meditation into a relaxed, focused state and then you are asked to experience situations or beliefs and feelings from other perspectives, to learn and allow you to choose the way you think and behave in the world. The client is always in control of what transpires before, during and after a session. All processes and/or suggestions are decided in tandem with Liza in advance of the session. Like any therapy, it is up to you to decide whether or not to act on your new perspectives!


What is Family Constellation?

Family Constellation is based on the work of Mark Wolynn and Bert Hellinger, and is a three-dimensional process that has the power to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness. Many of us unconsciously “take on” destructive familial patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, loneliness, alcoholism and even illness as a way of “belonging” in our families. We are bonded by a deep love to our parents and families. As descendants, we may sacrifice our own best interests to ease the suffering of a parent or other family member. Family Constellations allow us to observe and release these patterns so that we can live healthier, happier, whole lives.The new perspectives are powerful and life-changing.


What is Internal Family Systems?

Also known as Parts Work, the IFS model is based on the work of Richard Schwartz and Frank Anderson, MD. Each and every one of us is a whole made up of parts which manifest naturally as thoughts and emotions - as distinct personalities. It is a natural state of the mind. An inner critic being an example. If we begin to truly understand these parts,and their motivation, if we come into relation with our parts, true transformation is possible. This is an evidence based treatment that allows for permanent healing and freedom from emotional wounds. A loving, positive experience and new paradigm for living.

Brief introduction to Internal Family Systems and a short guided meditation into your inner world.

Some Testimonials…

“Liza’s coaching is profound. She holds the space in a quiet, grounded, persistence and invites her clients to face the truth that needs to be unearthed directly. Liza’s coaching tool box is vast; she pulls from so many healing traditions and aligns them to the client’s needs and spiritual orientation. I was deeply grateful for her hypnosis, past life regression, and Higher Self inquiries. Additionally, I found the intake process and assessment to be a consistent source of guiding information. I would strongly recommend Liza for anyone who wants to go deep and walk in a more present relationship with Self.” ~ Nichole Martini, New York

"I feel like I was truly and forever changed by the experience.  It was like condensing a year of therapy into a week's time.  A lot of healing took place.  A lot of awareness was created.  I'm not approaching my life in the same way I did before the retreat with Liza.  I'm much stronger and healthier." Eliza Swain, Colorado

“Liza is a compassionate, talented, effective coach. She is able to meet you where you are, in ways that work for you. Her coaching was immensely helpful to me in my journey towards what I’m wanting to create.” ~ Sallie Fraenkel, New York

“The greatest teacher will send you back to yourself.” ~ Nayyriah Waheed

This particular line by this great poet reminds me of you, Liza. Sarah Daley, New York

"Through Liza’s contagious reverence for everything around us, I made many breakthroughs with respect to my spiritual connections to my ancestors and the natural world.  I felt Liza fostered this and had faith in our ability to connect which translated to my having faith in the process.  This feeling of oneness with other beings is something I’ve pursued through yoga and meditation but for some reason, the oneness with nature has always escaped me.  This time at Casa Flores was instrumental in unlocking this for me. I will never be the same after the journey and look forward to continuing on this path." Marilyn Proulx, Colorado

"With just an introductory session with Liza, I am more productive and have changed the way I was thinking. I am more likely to get things done rather than getting stuck. Thanks so much!" ~ Tugba Yilmaz, New York

"Through our work together, I have put on a new pair of glasses that help me see more clearly into my life. Liza helped me find my strength and courage to overcome my demons. I’ve had huge blocks in my life which were preventing me from moving forward, and Liza’s safe space and non-judgmental approach allowed me to dig deeper and break out of the shell. Now I focus on reaching my goals and approach things with a positive attitude, instead of focusing on the negative aspects that surround me. Our coaching sessions gave everything that I asked for and more." Puja Chakkalakal, Canada

"A galaxy inspired by the night sky in Loja. I got unlocked. Thank you again, Liza." Carol Seaholm-Volow, New York

"A galaxy inspired by the night sky in Loja. I got unlocked. Thank you again, Liza." Carol Seaholm-Volow, New York

"By the end of my experience in Spain, my spirit had been revived.  I got to listen and care for different parts of myself and gained inspiration for what my next step in the life would be.  Liza is an incredible healer.  She helped me release old, stuck energy that was weighing me down and helped me gain a very strong sense of grounding that tends to get lost when living in a city." Sydney Foltz, Actress, Chicago

"Liza Pullman is an expert leadership and transformation coach.  She has helped me create a roadmap for my business that celebrates core essence, passion and potential.  Liza’s business background and humanitarian focus make her a powerhouse for professionals who want to make a positive difference in the world while being true to who they are and what they love." Lena Koropey, Etiquette Expert, Founder of Gramercy Protocol

"Liza is a talented coach and spiritual director.  She clears unwanted emotions and leads you onto a blissful path." Judith Halbreich, Founder Home of Champions.  

"I have worked with Liza over the last year.  When we began our sessions, I was in a very low place after coming out of an unhealthy relationship.  I had low self worth and was very lost as to where my life was going.  With Liza's help I was able to let go of a lot of the emotional scars from my relationship and am now in an amazing relationship with someone new.  I also have a new direction with my career and Liza has helped me set goals and work towards how I can start a business of my own.  I would highly recommend Liza to anyone looking for some direction, healing, or help setting new goals in their life."  Francesca Dustin,  New Zealand.

"Since college, I've told people, I'm going to write a book.  It took just a few sessions with Liza to gain the confidence to finally put pen to paper and its finally started!  I highly recommend Liza as a coach.  She's patient, insightful and great at drawing out the "real you."  Dawn Dean, MI

"Liza is a true professional who is dedicated to help you regain your focus on what matters to you.  She's motivated to help you grow as an individual emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I didn't only grow and develop ideas for my career, but most importantly in my personal life.  I truly have evolved as a person after our sessions, and glad that we have crossed paths and connected.  She's a gentle soul, yet terrific coach that has helped me regain my sense of purpose in this world. "  Shivon Roach, NY

"Liza has been an incredible coach to me in all aspects imaginable.  Not only did she give me career and school advice, but she also helped me put personal things into perspective.  Because of her I feel more confident and I've been able to conquer new frontiers for me.  Thank you VERY much Liza!"  Francisco Chapa, Mexico

"It was one of those times in life when you feel you are at a crossroads and I reached out to Liza who made me feel at peace with the choices I became emboldened to make." Michael Kokozos, PA, USA