April & Early May 2018

with Vinny Bonanno, George Zarnowski & Liza Pullman

Welcome to the Community of Spirit!  A gathering of souls who desire immersion in the appreciation of life, nature, healing, essence and wholeness.  In Community, we will practice insight meditation, healing meditation, mindfulness, spiritual awareness, gentle yoga, creative expression, spiritual walks and excursions to magical places in Andalucia, Spain.

Olive trees as far as the eye can see.

Olive trees as far as the eye can see.

There is something about being at this sanctuary that is indescribable.  The network of trees extends as far as Madrid to the north and the Mediterranean to the south. Evidence of Neolithic graves remain on top of the surrounding hills. Christianity, Islam and Judaism have early histories in the region.  All of which contribute to a vibrant energy that is palpable, powerful and transformative.

The Sanctuary at Los Arenales

The Sanctuary at Los Arenales

Daily Schedule:

  • Morning meditation or yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Healing exploration in nature, hike or excursion
  • Lunch & reflective/integration/free time
  • Late afternoon integrative healing activity
  • Dinner
  • Evening circles of spirit, sacred fires, spiritual talk, and/or calming yoga
  • Turn in for the Evening
Personal explorations in nature.

Personal explorations in nature.

Energetic Exchange:

  • $1225 for 7 days/nights + international travel
  • Stays beyond 7 days available at $150 per night

Nourishment. Due to the specific dietary needs of individual participants, shopping trips are provided to satisfy each community member's desires.  Meals will be prepared communally based on the community's and each individual's desires.

More about your hosts!

Vinny is founder of NYC based Stretching in Public.  He will be holding the Community with Liza from April 26th - May 4th.  Vinny loves supporting all beings on this Earth through his experiences and studies.  Raised on the beach in Queens, NYC, Vinny teaches tools and techniques in his unique and effervescent voice.  Sharing the transformative powers of Yoga and holistic health maintenance, connecting to and understanding our powerful bodies and minds. Vinny founded Vinnyasa Yoga Studio in Brooklyn, NY and teaches in Manhattan, Rockaway beach and all over the planet! 

George is founder of Nomadic Yogis and Elevated Yoga Studio in Longmont, Colorado. George will be holding Community with Liza from April 14th - April 22nd.  George uses his enormous Yoga knowledge and experience to enable clients to reconnect with their bodies, to become aware of life of their body and of its wisdom and to develop understanding of one’s abilities and limitations to make the practice more effective and beneficial in support of the spiritual path and physically and mentally healthy life. 

Liza is founder of Imagina Consulting and steward of the olive farm in Spain.   Liza's connection to nature and the land goes back to her youth spent in the deep dark woods of Northern Wisconsin.  A tree whisperer, natural healer and shaman, Liza provides you with the opportunity to connect deeply to your inner wisdom, the wisdom of our natural world and the invisible world to gain profound clarity and insight into your truth.

Liza, Vinny and George share a profound connection to the natural world and to the Yamas and Niyamas of Yoga.

For more information, please contact george@nomadicyogis.com, VinnyBWellness@gmail.com or liza@imaginaconsulting.com