Waldorf Approach to teaching and learning World Languages II: the Teacher, the Curriculum and the Lessons

Waldorf Pedagogy offers a fertile ground for the child to flourish as a whole individual. This workshop will begin with an exploration of the essence of Waldorf education in the context of teaching and learning World Languages, followed by an exploration of the role of the teacher, the curriculum design and the lesson implementation.

Using grades 4 to 6 as an example, we will begin an exploration on how to design the language curriculum from the loftiest goals to the most concrete practical activities for the lessons. Our main focus will be: the structure of the lessons, the rhythmic/circle activities, and core practical activities to expand your resources for the thematic curriculum.

This experiential and interactive course will be led in English, with many activities in Spanish. It is designed for Language teachers from 1st through 8th grades, since all of the principles presented here (and most activities for grades 4 to 6) can be adapted for other grade levels and languages. All curious educators with any experience level and pedagogical background are welcome and celebrated here. 

For logistics and registration, visit Instituto de Desenvolvimento Waldorf

Workshop led by Yolanda Navarro

Yolanda Navarro

Yolanda is an Education Consultant, Professional Coach and Educator with twenty years of experience.  She is the co-founded of Imagina Consulting, Inc. Her expertise is elementary and middle school Foreign Language Development with a focus on holistic, developmentally appropriate, experiential, and academically rigorous education that integrates the arts. In her work with Waldorf schools, she supports individual teachers and faculty groups to develop curriculum and to implement best practices for teaching and learning World Languages. Skilled at bringing excellence, joy and meaning to teachers’ work, she also collaborates with parents to support their children in their educational journey. Yolanda incorporates Waldorf pedagogy, positive psychology and a life coaching approach to her work. Yolanda has degrees in education through the University of Barcelona, School of Waldorf Pedagogy in Madrid, Center for Anthroposophy in NH, USA, Instituto Cervantes in Barcelona and NYC and Leadership that Works. She is certified in Waldorf Pedagogy, Applied Positive Psychology, Life Coaching, Facilitation and Reiki. Yolanda is fluent Spanish, Catalan and English and conversant in Portuguese.