The Journey Within is the Adventure of a Lifetime.

Sacred Journeys in Andalusia, Spain


Community of Spirit

With Vinny, George & Liza

To be in the Community of Spirit is to be one with our natural world.  It is to immerse in the appreciation of life, to let go, to stand back and gain perspective of our Journey. The Community is inseparable from Nature, with the spirits of the land, mountains, air, fire and water working in unison to renew your awareness of belonging. 

Allow yourself to become who you already are! And, to invoke the healing capabilities you already have within. Rediscover you. Find yourself enough to live a complete and healthy life. In the Community of Spirit you will return home to the sense of freedom, the oneness you have long desired.

Experiences: Meditations, Energizing Yoga, Explorations with Nature, Mindfulness and Spiritual Awareness, Excursions, Circles, Enlightening Talks, Healing Sessions, Walks/Hikes, and Time for Reflection & Integration.

Optional: If you are passionate about Yoga and perhaps about teaching Yoga there will be an opportunity for you to immerse in the essence of Yoga and to learn Yoga philosophy, principles, practice and teaching Yoga.  George's studios offer, innovative, comprehensive and modular Yoga Teacher training courses and our week long gathering of the Community of Spirit can count as a 50 hour elective module for 200 or 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training course.

Calendar:  April 13 - May 4th, 2018.  New moon through the Full moon. Minimum 7 day commitment.

Geography: Hacienda on a thriving Olive Farm, Loja, Granada Province, Spain.

Community is held by George of Nomadic Yogis, Vinny of Stretching in Public and Liza of Imagina.  For more information contact or or


"Follow your soul, it knows the way."

~ Carolina Gobin

"By the end of my experience in Spain, my spirit had been revived.  I got to listen and care for different parts of myself and gained inspiration for what my next step in life would be." ~ Sydney Foltz


"I had an amazing time and am replenished in both body and soul. Thank you!" 


~Marilyn Zagha=Keeshan

"I freed myself of old faults and anger. I released the chains that oppressed me, I rediscovered myself and the source of my love and my strength. Deep THANKS." ~ Victoria Tango


"Do it, it will change your life! The one week journey to the sacred olive farm was the setting for an unforgettable transformation."

~Judith Halbreich


"If you are being called here, follow the call!"

"Liza is a Shamama, an amazing blend of intuition, divine feminine, shamanism, and profound knowing of what is. I came because I had lost my dream, my strength and vulnerability. This experience including meditation, different processes, art, nature, and ancestral energy all within the context of a nurturing, natural environment allowed me to see my life with new eyes and to access that part of myself that wanted to come out.  I feel joy and gratitude to be reconnected to myself.  If you are being called here, follow the call!"~ Supriya Jost



"It is an understatement to say it was life-changing. This is an amazing, amazing, beautiful and nourishing location for this kind of work. You should just bring yourself there and be open to what can happen.  If you feel called at all, listen!"


~ Kianga Ford


"By the end of my experience in Spain, my spirit had been revived.  I got to listen and care for different parts of myself and gained inspiration for what my next step in the life would be."

~ Sydney Foltz

Irresistible Sacred Journey

with Liza Pullman and Nicola Fernandes

The Irresistible Sacred Journey is the second collaboration between shaman Nicola Fernandes and Imagina.   The Irresistible Sacred Journey is a powerful week long intensive immersion in personal development and higher consciousness.  The Journey is designed for people who have begun their Journey, but crave depth and higher connection. This remarkable experience includes Seven Steps to Lightness and Clarity, Four Steps to Wholeness, Journeying to Recharge and Align, Wandering Majestic Granada, exploring Magnificent Alhambra, Immersing in Sacromonte Abadia, Succumbing to the Tranquility of an Opulent Arab Hammam, Connecting to the Natural Cycle of Life, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and Stars, Nurturing your Body with Delicious Home Cooked Meals prepared by a Spanish Chef and Residing in Community with Kindred Spirits in a Peaceful, Tranquil, Beautiful Spanish Casa on a Thriving Olive Farm in Andalusia, Spain. October 22nd, 2017 to October 29th, 2017.  For more information, click on the links below.